Coordinate System

Couldn't find any mention of coordinate system in RG series.
If at all , such implementation exists is it ENU, WND?

I need to log the gyro stream as w.r.t to some co-ordinate system.
Pls. guide.


  • gyro reports angular velocity of the spin around the XYZ axes aka pitch, yaw, and roll.
  • The question was about the coordinate system used by your software, i.e. which directions point x,y,z relative to device orientation? And how is your world coordinate system looks like in this context. This is important for proper use of accelerometers, gyros, magnetometers. 

    I'm also interested in that. Could you provide us with more details? See android documentation of the coordinate system used in their software, to make more clear what I mean:
  • The MetaMotion R documentation has axes labeled (pg 5) which should be the same for all of the rectangular boards except MetaWear R.  A simple way to double check is to use the real time graph in the MetaWear app to see which axes are around +/-1g while resting the board on all 6 sides.
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