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metabase download issues

edited February 13 in iOS
Hi there, 

I'm collecting data from 2-3 boards simultaneously for about 1-2 hours. Normally this works fine and I can download and email myself the data. Occasionally though when I go to download my data using the Metabase iOS app I am getting an error that says something like: "could not read from one of the boards". 

When this happens I get an additional error which is that when I select the share button (to email myself the data from the boards that *did* work), the iOS sharing pop up comes up but there are no options for sharing. Typically I see the "Mail" option and the "More" option (with mail options) but after this particular error message I only get "more" and it is empty and I can't share or store the data in anyway. 

I can't reproduce this error on my own, even if I place one board 20 feet away from the phone as I'm trying to download the data. It has only happened while I am in a session with participants and I can't take the time to look into it in more depth. 

Why am I getting this error? Is there any way to address this without having to deleting my data ? (e.g. save it to the device for later email?) 



    • What boards are you using?
    • What sensors are you recording and how frequently are you recording data?
    • What iOS device and version are you using?
  • I'm using the Metamotion R boards with an iPhone 6, version 10.2.1. I'm recording accelerometer at 25Hz and barometric pressure at 13Hz.

  • I've let the iOS dev know about this thread and we'll look into it.
  • Hi Eric any updates? 
  • A new MetaBase release should be available now on the iOS store which might address the issues you are seeing.
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