Data Output - Raw or Altered?

Hi Team, 

I am new to this forum and also to IMU technology. 

I would like to know: 

1. Is the accelerometer/gyro/magnetometer data I get using MetaBase app Raw Data or filtered/fused data (i.e. via sensor fusion/kalman) ? 

2. On the MetaBase app, you can turn on acc/gyro/mag but also euler angles/gravity/linear acc... I am assuming that acc/gyr/mag data is Raw and euler/gravity/linacc data is filtered/fused via sensor fusion (hence why only max 100hz)... is this assumption correct? 

3. On the MetaWearApiTest app, there is sensor fusion function with different modes.. could someone please explain the modes to me and how it relates to output from MetaBase app? 

Thanks in advanced. 

- Sushant 


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