Gyroscope Drift

Hi Team, 

How can i check if the gyro data (that i log using MetaBase) has any drift? 


- Sushant 


  • Gyro data always has drift.  By itself, it is unreliable over the long term.
  • Thanks Eric!

    From your experience, what is the easiest method to detect and combat the drift?

    I usually need data sets of max 5min at a time, so I'm hoping there isn't drift at this short term, but need to test and verify it.

    For now, I'm planning to attach the gyro to a stepper motor and have it spinning for 5-10min, and then returning to original position. I'm hoping that if there is any drift at a 10min runtime, it will be detected by offset when it goes back to initial position. Do you think this is an effective method to detect drift in short term?

    - Sushant
  • Compensating for drift is done with sensor fusion.

    Yes, your proposed test should detect drift.  You can simplify it further by just rotating the board 180 degrees one way, then 180 degrees in the opposite direction.
  • Thanks for your help Eric! 
  • Eric, 

    Are the gyro and accelerometer values that appear in MetaCloud run through the sensor fusion algorithm to account for drift/noise, or is it only applied to provide Euler angles/quaternion values? 

    Thanks in advance
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    No, all sensor data is recorded as is in the MetaBase app.
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