Pitch and roll values inverted for Euler Angles in MetaCloud

Using MetaMotion R and MetaCloud. 

When I log data as Euler Angles and upload it to the cloud, I am noticing that the roll and pitch values are inverted. I.e. I am rolling the device and the graph readouts are showing these as pitch movements while roll reads 0. For all other outputs (linear acceleration, raw gyro, and raw accelerometer), the axis are correct. I have tested and re-tested many times. 

Any ideas on the issue or a way to re-calibrate?




    • What platform are you running the MetaBase app on?
    • How are you rotating the board?
    • Do you see the same issue when viewing the CSV files stored on your local device?
      • If you compare the locally stored CSV data with its synced version in the cloud, are the pitch and roll values the same?
    • Is there a similar issue when using quaternions?
    • Can you post your euler angles?
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