GPIO-MetaWear issue

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We are using 3 MetaMotionR sensors.  We
are trying to use the GPIO ports using MetaWare APP (android), to be sure that
it is not  a problem of our APP developed.

0 is used as an input (form analog circuit to the sensor), reading an analog
signal from 0 to 2.5V.

1 is used by Output, putting an UP (3v) to control the system.

is work properly for 5-8 minute, but suddenly it stop to capture in port 0 and it doesnt work again. 
thought that was some error with my electronic circuit, so I use “pull Mode”
and I see that after some minute the sensor is stoped the load the port. I have
check the accelerometer in order to be sure that was not a error of the
microprocessor, and it is working.

I want to use the sensor to load again or use the port, I have to reset the sensor.

have the same issue with all the sensor.

could you help me with this issue? 

Thanks in advance,




  • What sensor are you attaching to the GPIO pins?  The MetaWear app samples at 30Hz so you may want to try reducing the sampling frequency.
  • Hi Eric,

    Thank you very much
    for your response.

    I am attaching a
    strain gauge. Is very simple, I connected the Gauge to an amplifier to guarantee
    the dynamic range of the gauge from 0 to 3V whwn I measure different weigth. The changes are very slow (500ms-1000ms),
    but maybe if we can change the sample frequency, the app work properly, do you think so?

    Is it possible to increase
    the app samples? I mean, do you think the app is collapsing because I'm reading
    an analog input?

    Best regards,  

  • Yes, try reducing the sampling frequency to 2Hz (500ms).

    No, reading the analog input doesn't seem to be the problem but rather the frequency at which it is read.  30Hz is overkill if the sensor only changes between 1-2Hz.
  • Is it possible to change the frequency within the App? 

    Do you think that it is an issue in the app? or is in the FW? how I can test it?

    Thanks in advance, 
  • You will have to modify the app source code to change the sampling frequency.

    Ideally you should be using your own app anyways that is specifically built for your use case.  The MetaWear app is not a general purpose app to be used for all situations.
  • Thank you very much! 
    I will try to use it and I will keep you informed if it work. 

    Best regards, 
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