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  • Based on what you've said, it sounds like you can get passed the initialization stage but then nothing happens after that.  I guess you could try setting a handler to the OnUnexpectedDisconnect property to see if you are board is somehow losing conn…
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  • Put it on GitHub or a public file sharing site. The settings page has an option to enable streaming from 2 devices.  You can see a screenshot of it in the app store page.
  • Sensor spec sheet is linked in the BMI160 section ( Post the full accelerometer code you are using and I can try it out on my side.
  • What have you tried thus far?
  • What I mean what apps were you running on the board prior to trying the Windows app and how were you using those apps? Can you at least stream accelerometer data from the board? you tried resetting…
  • There's nothing you can do except try the workarounds in the aforementioned thread or wait for an update from MSFT.
  • What Android device and OS are you using? Can you share the full code of your app, something I can simply import into Android Studio and run myself. Reset the boards and try streaming with the MetaBase app…
  • How were you using the board prior to running the free fall app?  Have you tried resetting the board?
  • The button does not reset the board unless you program it to.  Otherwise, it's just a button. What Android device and OS are you using? Has MetaBase been working fine after you shorted the pins? Post the MetaWear code you are currently running in yo…
  • You can try the workarounds listed on the MSDN forums.
  • Was the app working before?
  • You will have to modify the app source code to change the sampling frequency. Ideally you should be using your own app anyways that is specifically built for your use case.  The MetaWear app is …
  • How were you using the board prior to seeing this problem?  Do other sensors on the board work like barometer, led, switch, temperature, and light? Contact MbientLab support through the contact form anyways as this could potentially be a serious iss…
  • Turns out that the drop down list is inverted relative to the order of the Range enum.  You can fix it yourself by changing line 109 in the file to be Range.values().length - rangeIndex - 1 or wait for app to be updated. The sensor…
  • Yes, try reducing the sampling frequency to 2Hz (500ms). No, reading the analog input doesn't seem to be the problem but rather the frequency at which it is read.  30Hz is overkill if the sensor only changes between 1-2Hz.
  • What device and OS are you using the MetaWear board with?  How long does it take until this issue occurs? Try using the MetaBase app to stream data instead.
  • @aribesPost the code you are currently running
  • See this thread.
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  • The MetaWear app needs to be updated to use the latest Android SDK, which addressed a bug with connecting to boards in the MetaBoot state. Change your app flow as I suggested in my previous post and make sure your device cleanly disconnects before c…
  • See the last section on the Troubleshooting page about the exchange process. It does appear your board is DOA.
  • The Android example apps use a separate library to handle the BLE scanning and UI elements. You can try resetting the BT adapter to see if that helps however, as already stated, the only thing to do i…
  • What sensor are you attaching to the GPIO pins?  The MetaWear app samples at 30Hz so you may want to try reducing the sampling frequency.
  • Looking at the spec sheet, the count can only be between 1 - 4, which the API apparently does not enforce or mention.
  • Stream the limiter, not the source. source.limit(100).stream(...)
  • Post the full code you are running. You may also need to tweak the ble connection parameters as outlined in this post.
  • Is this only an issue with the Android apps?  Does the gyro work as expected when using the iOS apps? Have you tried resetting the board or reflashing the firmware? How were you using the board prior to seeing these issues?
  • It looks like the board doesn't actually disconnect in the onDestroy function.  You can try to reverse the app flow and only leave the activity once the board has disconnected.
  • Those status codes are internal codes returned from the BlueDroid C code.  As mentioned in the linked thread, there isn't much you can do except try again and/or reset the Bluetooth adapter.
  • Hrm, does the magnetometer work?  Try updating the firmware and see if that resolves the issue.
  •  I don't have any issues with Android Studio 2.3.3.  Do any of the tutorial apps work for you?